About Our Company

BioCRUDE Technologies Inc. was co-founded by Mr. J. Moukas, who inspired the original BioCRUDE technologies and served as the creative advisor in the infancy of the company.

The main focus of the company is the development of innovative green technology, especially in the field of waste management and waste to energy production. These processes and technologies are applicable to the needs of many industries, institutions, and even whole countries! The company utilizes expertise from top specialists and institutions/universities to develop new technologies and refine those processes already in advanced stages of design.

To serve the global community in the fight the reduction of environmental abuse is a moral decision with financial benefits. The importance and growth of green technology assure a healthy planet. In recent years that fact has created stability in the environmental corporate future and has added attractiveness for backers and shareholders. Banks and other large market managers have seen the potential in green technology companies, and their portfolios now include their shares as solid investments.

The company is actively and aggressively pursuing joint ventures and licensing agreements with governments, large corporations, and institutions. A number of large projects are currently in advanced negotiations. The vital new technologies that BioCRUDE wants to share with the world will soon be put to use in areas all over the world.

BioCRUDE Technologies Inc.